Send invitation that your guest love to RSVP

Make your event unforgettable with our personalized and effortless invitation service that includes tailored invitations, guest list management and real-time notifications.

people want to feel mattered

"Nothing compares to the feeling of being personally invited, and it would be my pleasure to accept and attend.”


Add a personal touch to your invitations and make your guests feel like they're a part of your story - enjoy higher response rates

No more guest list clutter

Efficiently plan your guest list by utilizing RSVPs and smart sorting to stay within budget and guest capacity, ensuring there's never a shortage of seating or food

Effortless Event Planning

Get started on planning your special day with easy-to-use tools. Like checklist, itinerary and vendor shortlist.

How you invite is everything


Can I share public invitation to guests?

Majlisku allows you to share public invitations if you don't want to send them individually. Guest can then fill their name, contact and pax

Can I download it on Appstore or Playstore?

No. Majlisku is currently a web-based app. You can access it on any browser on your device.