Create a Guestlist for Easy RSVP Management

26 January

by Mizzulsyazwan

Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes to keeping track of guests. The Majlisku Guestlist feature helps to make it easier by allowing you to create, track and organize your guest list and RSVPs. In this article, we will show you the best way to use this feature to make your wedding planning less stressful.

Advantages of Using Majlisku Guestlist

Effortlessly upload bulk lists
Flawlessly import lists of your colleagues, clients, or relatives

Assign groups
Instantly assign groups to your batch of guests

Filter guests
Instantly filter based on RSVP status or groups

Monitor RSVPs
Guestlist is automatically updated as guests respond to RSVPs, saving you time and effort in follow-up.

Add Guest Manually

Step 1 Click on the "Add Guest" button.

Step 2 Fill in the details, add name and any other optional info you want to include.

Step 3 Click "Add" to save!

Import Bulk List

Step 1: Click that "Import" button, it's time to get your guest list in!

Step 2: Use our template or your own trusty excel sheet.

Step 3: Fill in the names of your guests in the designated column.

Pro tip : Enter the name you want to address your guests in the personalized invitation for that extra touch of personalization.

Step 5: Save and upload the Excel Sheet (.XLSX)!

Step 6: Double check time! Preview your guest list to make sure everything is properly uploaded.

Step 7: Click "Import" and you're all set! Your guests are now officially in the system.

Group Guest

Step 1: Tick the checkboxes next to each guest you would like to group together.

Step 2: Click "Edit Group"located below the guest table.

Step 4: In the "Group Guests" window, you have the option to assign the selected guests to an existing group or create a new one.

Step 5: To create a new group, enter the group name and select "Create Group."

Step 6: Once satisfied, click "Add Group".

Step 7: To delete a group, navigate to the Filter and click "Delete" icon next to the group name to do so.

Filter Guest

Step 1: Click "Filter" icon.

Step 2: Choose a category from the list provided, such as "Invited", "Attending", or "Not Attending".

Step 3: Use other filter option like Group. Once satisfied, click "Apply Filter"

Step 4: The page will automatically updated with selected filter and you can view the updated "Total Pax".

Step 5: To delete a group, navigate to the Filter and click "Delete" icon next to the group name to do so.

In conclusion, the Majlisku Guestlist feature is an essential tool for any wedding planner looking to make the planning process less stressful and more enjoyable. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it's the perfect solution for managing and organizing your guest list.

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