Easily Create a Digital Invite

29 January

by Mizzulsyazwan

Hosting a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but creating your E-invite doesn't have to be! With our easy to use platform, creating a beautiful and minimal and personalized E-invite for your guests has never been easier.

What You'll Need

  • Good internet connection
  • Desktop for best experience
  • Photos: Featured photo, gift images and screenshot of your QR bank account.

Step 1: Setting Up

1. Navigate to the E-invite option in the side menu

2. Or click Edit E-invite in the Guestlist.

3. Choose your preferred language, Malay or English.

Step 2: Personal Details

1. Enter the bride and groom's details to generate your invitation URL.
( You can send request for invitation URL change at [email protected])

2. Upload a personal image to to personalize your invitation and convey your story to your guests.
(recommended size: 1200x627px, max size: 5MB)

3. Click on Preview as Guest to see how the photo will look like on your e-invite.

Pro tip: Take a pre-wedding photo and upload them in your e-invite!

Step 3.a: Event Details

1. Provide the event name, a brief description, and the names of the hosts (usually the parents of the bride and groom).

2. Enter the date and time of the wedding ceremony.

3. Enter contact persons

Step 3.b: Location and Map

1. Fill in the location of your event

2. Navigate to Google Maps or Waze and search for your venue to confirm its correct location.

3. Make sure the location is accurate.

4. Copy and paste the URL links.

Step 4: Setting Guest Pax

1. Decide how many pax a your guest can bring, including themselves.
Example; Allowing 2 pax limit means each guest can bring additional 1 guest.

2. You can also set it to unlimited pax for an open invitation.

Optional: You can edit a pax limit for individual guest in My Guestlist

Step 5: Enable Event Itinerary

Enable the itinerary to display on your invitation.

Make sure you finalize your itinerary by navigating to Edit Itinerary.

How your itinerary will look like in digital invitation

Step 6: Enable Gift Registry

1. If you have a gift registry, create one. Create the perfect wedding gift registry.

2. Enable it! Your guests will love the convenience and it will help avoid duplicate gifts.

Example of my gift registry. My friends and families loved the convenience

Step 7: Enable Money Gift

1. Click enable money gift

2. Enter your bank details.

Optional: Upload screenshot of your QR code for easy transactions.

Step 8: Save and Preview

To preview it, simply click Preview as Guest.

Once you're happy with your E-invite, click Save and Publish.

Step 9: Share Your Invitation Link!

Navigate to Share tab to see your public invitation link and personalized guest link.

Shareable public or open digital invitation link

Now, for the personalized invitation link, you'll need to have a Guestlist ready. Read on how to create a guestlist for RSVP management.

Step by step on how to share personalized invitation link for each guest

Congratulations! You have successfully created your E-invite and can now share it confidently with your guests via either a public invitation or personalized invitations.

And the best part? Whenever you make any updates to your E-invite, it will automatically update for all your guests, making event planning effortless and stress-free.

So sit back, relax, and watch as your guests RSVP with ease! Keep an eye on your Guestlist and track who's coming to your wedding!

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